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Operations Platform

With all the tools to grow.

Simplify your operations so you can focus on what truly matters.

Creating awesome experiences for your Krowd.
Trusted by industry leaders.

Manage payments,

your way.
Embrace the ultimate payment experience.

Offer unparalleled customer experience. Seamless, lightning fast, and secure payment experiences that keep the lines moving and your attendees happy. Whether that's with traditional open loop card payments, closed loop cashless payments, or anything in between.

Cashless RFID
Cashless Mobile Wallet
Card Payments
Online & Offline Payments
Eventproof Hardware
Lightning Fast
Enter the new generation of cashless payments.

Step into the future of cashless payments with AnyKrowd, designed for maximum efficiency and security, while enhancing user experience by reducing wait times and gaining real-time insight on spending and location data. Embrace a streamlined, secure, and sophisticated payment method that keeps everyone smiling.

Reduced Waiting Times
Faster Transactions
Increased Spend
Reduced Staff Overhead
Reduced Cash Handling
Data Insights
Let attendee's pay with your own Custom Branded Ap!

Dominate the industry with Your Custom App and unleash the potential of your Krowd. Streamline payments through a fully branded community app and increase turnover from attendees by an average of  6-7% compared to traditional cashless RFID bracelets. Plus, mobile top-ups completely eliminate queues, slashing staffing needs.

Cashless Mobile Wallet
Custom App
Mobile Topups
Increased Topup revenue
Eliminate queues
Slash staffing needs
Empower your attendee experience with simplicity.

Getting paid has never been easier. Accept traditional card payments effortlessly using just one mobile device. Our POS system supports all major bankcards, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing for the fastest and most convenient payment experience. This ensures quick service and keeps your event moving smoothly.

In-Person Payments
Accept Any Bankcard
Debit or Credit
Card Insert
NFC Payments
Tap To Pay
Maximize flexibility and let attendee's have it their way.

Offer the ultimate convenience. Combine Cashless RFID, Cashless Mobile, Traditional Card Payments and Tap to Pay. This hybrid approach allows attendees to choose their preferred payment method, or allows organisers to setup zone-specific payments. Manage payments your way, suited to the unique needs of your event and krowd.

Hybrid Payments
Ultimate Convenience
Closed Loop
Open Loop

Ticketing, access control & accreditation,

all in one.
Your Event, Your Tickets: Sell Directly from Your Custom Platform

Take control of your ticket sales with AnyKrowd’s revolutionary ticketing system. Our platform allows organizers to sell tickets directly from their own branded platforms, or seamlessly integrate with leading ticketing partners, combining flexibility with expansive market access.

Your Event, Your Tickets
Pre-Event Drinkvouchers
Fast track your entrance

Ensure swift and secure entry at your event with AnyKrowd's advanced access control system. Our solution is equipped with offline-enabled, ultra-fast mobile scanners and integrated automated access control turnstiles or speedgates, providing seamless verification of tickets sold directly or through partners.

Empower your crew

Enhance team coordination and efficiency at your event. Assign specific roles and permissions easily, and distribute drink or meal vouchers digitally to ensure your staff is well-supported. Our custom platform also facilitates direct communication with your crew, featuring content visibility tailored specifically for staff.

Crew Communication
Multi-role vouchers

Real-time dashboards& analytics

because data matters.
Track your event as it unfolds in real-time

Gain instant clarity and control over your event with AnyKrowd’s real-time dashboards. Designed to deliver immediate insights into every aspect of your event, our dashboards provide live data on ticket sales, entry rates, and attendee engagement. Monitor performance as it happens and respond swiftly to any situation.

Live Monitoring
Sales Performance
Location Performance
Product Performance
Powerful analytics to shape the future of events

Transform data into strategic insights with AnyKrowd’s powerful analytics. Our sophisticated tools dive deep into your event data, providing a granular view of attendee behaviors, spending patterns, and overall engagement. This advanced analysis enables you to uncover trends, predict demands, and tailor future events for maximum impact.

Advanced Analytics
Gain Strategic Insight
Enhance attendee experience
Increase event profitability
Refine Event Lineups

Engage your community,

turn visitors into fans.
Make sure your visitors find their favorite spot.

Let your atendees navigate your event wih precision.  Live Maps help visitors locate stages, vendors, restrooms, and emergency exits with ease and ensures every participant can find their way around effortlessly, enhancing their overall event experience.

Live Maps
Interactive stages
Points of Interest
Custom design map
Share Information
Timely information, Timeless memories.

Keep everyone on schedule with interactive timetables. Publish up-to-the-minute schedules that attendees can access from their mobile devices, display Rich Multimedia content artists spotlight and put your performances inthe spolight they deserve.

Personal Timetables
Artist Pages
Measure Fan's Engagement
Multi-day Lineups
Interactive engagement.

Engage your audience like never before with interactive content. Enriche the event experience by sharing multimedia content that attendees can interact with, including playlists, livestreams and quizzes. Drive engagement and enriche the attendee journey with content that resonates and informs.

Rich Multimedia Content
Push Notifications
Integrated Playlists
Interactive Polls

Unparalleled customer experience

and increased revenue.

Build a brand, not a fanpage, while increasing your revenue by 7%.

Empower your community.

Are you ready to get your event or venue to the next level? Empower your community with effortless mobile payments, mobile topups, sell tickets & merch, showcase your lineup, reveal your festival map or share your top playlists & curated content at the touch of a button. Stay inclusive and offer RFID or Card payments at the same time, while incentivizing your loyal fans to use your mobile app and let your attendee's have it their way!

Mobile Payments
Mobile Topups
Sell Tickets
Sell Merch
Live Maps
Interactive Content
Table Reservations
Turn visitors into fans.

Make every moment count with exclusive privileges, and unforgettable experiences with loyalty programs, memberships and interactive Augmented Reality experiences.

Personalized Marketing
Augmented Reality
Customer Marketing
Brand interaction
Product Marketing
Fan Community
Enhanced Customer Experience